• All-Phase Indy

Quoleman Pike, Sales Trainee

Quoleman graduated from Indiana State University with a major in Marketing with a Sales focus and a minor in Motor Sports Management.

Last June, Quoleman Pike began All-Phase Indy's Sales Trainee program. The ST program is for someone who wants to get into electrical distribution but may not have experience in the industry. Being fresh out of college, Quoleman was eager to get his hands dirty in this ever-growing industry.

How did you learn about All-Phase Indy?

Indiana State has a Sales and Negotiation Center. This center offers networking events. I met a variety of people and management, including recruiters for All-Phase/CED.

What motivated you to join the team?

The massive amount of opportunity for all parties - from management to sales to delivery roles and more. Here, there are people who have been with us for decades and that says a lot about a company. In joining that type of team, I knew I had an opportunity to grow not only professionally but personally.

Career development is important. What is All-Phase Indy doing to support you through your career?

There are product training, online courses, and conferences that I attend. For example, I went to a Sales Development conference in Las Vegas for three days. There, I learned from Dr. Jeffrey Magee, who is a world-renowned sales strategist. Because of training like that, I return to Indianapolis as a more polished salesman.

Describe the culture of All-Phase Indy in one word:

Family - we are a team whose common purpose is to help each other and our customers.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about the ST program?

You are entering a niche market. Your customers are electrical contractors who are obviously very familiar with the products they use. This means it is going to take time to learn the ins and outs of the products that All-Phase Indy offers. However, do not get discouraged. Everyone on our team is more than willing to help you during this learning curve.

Any unique hobbies or interests?

I race dirt bikes across the Midwest. I have been doing it since I could remember.